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Dyslexia Screening

Experts agree that no one test can properly assess for dyslexia.  Not only does educational history and prior testing need to be part of the assessment, but a series of different tests must be used to assess a variety of areas.

All these areas must be assessed when screening for dyslexia:


✔ Phonological Awareness

Phonological or Language-Based Memory

✔ Rapid Automatic Naming

Phonics Skills

Decoding (real and nonsense words)

Oral Reading Fluency (single words and paragraphs)


If you are looking at having your child screened, ensure that these areas will be assessed. 

How Do Our Assessments Work?


1.  We have an initial phone interview to review you or your child’s full history (from pre-natal to the present).

2.  We review all prior testing reports, educational records, and writing samples.

The screening appointments are scheduled; we assess all the areas listed above.

3.  The results are tallied compiled and analyzed, and a full report is written.  This report includes the testing results, explanations, and an action plan including accommodations and remediation.

4.  The results meeting is scheduled and we go through your report with you in detail.